How it works

The vegetable subscription includes vegetables for 1-2 people from the Bachmattlihof organic farm (partly supplemented with purchased stored organic vegetables and potatoes), which you can harvest once a week directly from the farm field. In the winter months from January to March, there are vegetables every two weeks.

You pay the subscription fee once a year (payment in instalments is also possible). At the beginning of the year the production costs are calculated and divided by the number of subscriptions. So everyone pays their share and can then get vegetables during the year.

Annual subscription: From April 2021 to April 2022 you come weekly (in winter every two weeks) to harvest your vegetables and benefit from fresh, seasonal vegetables all year round. Price: 730.-

Half-year subscription: From April 2021 to September 2021 you come to harvest your vegetables and experience the variety of spring and summer vegetables. Price: 540.-

Summer subscription: During the three summer months you harvest your vegetables weekly and bring fine summer vegetables directly into your kitchen. Price: 360.-

Voluntary cooperation 2 hours of productive help (excluding your own harvesting and instruction time) result in a credit of 1 week of free vegetables. The help of the subscribers will be refunded or the credit will be for the following year.

There are still subscriptions available!